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Friday, August 31, 2007

Atlas of Neuromuscular Diseases: A Practical Guideline

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»Book Publisher: Springer (15 December, 2004)
»ISBN: 3211838198
»Book author: Eva L. Feldman, Wolfgang Grisold, James W. Russell, Udo A. Zifko
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Book Description:
The atlas is a comprehensive outline of neuromuscular diseases, written by experienced American and European authors. It discusses all aspects of neuromuscular disorders including the cranial nerves, spinal nerves, motor neurone disease, the nerve plexus, peripheral nerves, mononeuropathies, entrapment syndromes, polyneuropathies, the neuromuscular junction, and muscle disease. Each chapter is uniformly structured into anatomy, symptoms, signs, pathogentic possibilities, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, therapy and prognosis. Additionally the diagnostic tools and investigations used in neuromuscular disease are explained and a practical guide is given how to advance from symptoms to syndromes. For each disease the therapeutic options are described. It contains large number of clinical and histologic pictures from the practical experience of the authors and also a number of artists drawings to facilitate the understanding of anatomic structures. D
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