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Friday, August 31, 2007

IPv6 Advanced Protocols Implementation

This book is the second installment of our series detailing IPv6 and related protocols throughthe KAME implementation. KAME is a widely deployed de facto reference implementation forIPv6 and IP security protocols developed on multiple variants of the BSD operating systems.The first installment of this series is titled IPv6 Core Protocols Implementation, which isreferred to as the Core Protocols book below, and it focuses on the fundamentals of IPv6 andthe essential protocols that are supported by most implementations. These essential protocolsoperate in IPv6-capable devices, large or small. Our Core Protocols book also describes IPv6implication on higher layer protocols, such as TCP and UDP, and covers IPv6 related applicationprogramming interfaces.This second book discusses those protocols that are found in more capable IPv6 devices,are commonly deployed in more complex IPv6 network environments, or are not specific toIPv6 but are extended to support IPv6. Specifically, this book engages the readers in moreadvanced topics, such as routing, multicasting, DNS, mobility, and security.The general structure and style of this book is the same as that of the Core Protocols book;each chapter begins with a summary of the relevant specifications followed by line-by-line codedescription and analysis of the actual implementation.

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