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Friday, September 21, 2007

Marine Engineering

Ocean Engineering Handbook 14.98 MB
Marine Structural Design 8.47 MB
Practical Ship Hydronomics 1.81 MB
Guide to Ship Repair Estimates 0.94 MB
Ship Stability for Masters & Mates 5.00 MB
Ship Construction
Marine Auxiliary Machinery 29.69 MB
Basic Ship Theory 7.08 MB
Ship Design for Efficiency and Economy 1.37 MB
Introduction to Marine Engineering 32.19 MB
Introduction to Naval Architecture 17.29 MB
Practical Ship Designs 20.10 MB
Marine Diesel Engines & Gas Turbines 12.53 MB
Practical Design of Ships & Other Floating Structures 13.47 MB
Principles of Naval Weapons Systems 3.20 MB

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