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Friday, September 21, 2007

Prototype and Scriptaculous in Action (Paperback)

Prototype and Scriptaculous are libraries that extend standard Ajax.
They make it easier to program Ajax and provide powerful features like
drag and drop and animation. In this book, developers learn by playing
and see how the libraries work in the real world. As experience with
Ajax increases, developers want the standard Ajax capabilities they
repeatedly use to be preprogrammed for them--and that's exactly what
Ajax libraries do for them. They reduce the pain of handling
cross-browser inconsistencies, they add useful language features, and
provide sophisticated functionality. Of these, Prototype is the most
popular JavaScript and Ajax framework for low-level user interface
features such as animation, drag and drop, and pre-built widgets.
Together, they free the developer up to concentrate on building the
application. They make a rich user experience easy to achieve. This book
guides the reader through the Prototype and Scriptaculous libraries
feature-by-feature. In just 350 pages, readers will find over 100 small
working examples to help them explore the libraries. As well, they will
develop a web-based image gallery that teacher them how to use Prototype
and Scriptaculous in the real-world.

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