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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mobile telecommunications protocols for data networks

Mobile users are demanding fast and efficient ubiquitous connectivity supporting data applications. This connectivity has to be provided by various different networks and protocols which guarantee that mobile networks function efficiently, performing routing and handoff for mobile users.Hac proposes a comprehensive design for mobile communications including mobile agents, access networks, application protocols, ubiquitous connectivity, routing, and handoff. It covers the entire spectrum of lower and upper layer protocols to evaluate and design modern mobile telecommunications systems. Furthermore, the aspects of modern mobile telecommunications for applications, networking, and transmission are described.For mobile users and data applications these are new networking and communications solutions, particularly for the local area network environment.* Describes the recent advances in mobile telecommunications, their protocols and management* Covers hot topics such as mobile agents, access networks, wireless applications protocols, wireless LANs, architecture, routing and handoff* Introduces and analyses architecture and design issues in mobile communications and networks* Includes a section of questions/problems/answers after each chapterThe book is written as a practical, easily accessible tutorial with many figures and examples of existing protocols and architectures making it essential reading for engineers, system engineers, researchers, managers, senior & graduate students.


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